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Spectrasys is a powerful RF system simulator that provides RF system architects with unique root cause analysis to quickly diagnose RF analog effects such as origins of unexpected spurious that are difficult or impossible to characterize with other methods.

Create superior RF system architectures

Spectrasys provides extremely valuable insights in the early phases of RF system design, where critical commitments made to architectures, frequencies, and component partitioning will significantly impact costs and time downstream. It saves time by accounting for key RF effects while providing interactive graphical diagnosis of entire RF system performance.

It overcomes key limitations of spreadsheets, math & DSP software, and circuit simulators. These approaches have limited model sets, ignore RF effects (such as impedance mismatches) entirely, and are very difficult to isolate and diagnose problems that cause poor system specs. Spectrasys enables RF system designers to identify and correct poor architecture choices early in the design, before commitments are made to the frequency plan, board area, layout, bill of materials, and performance. Spectrasys is used in fields as diverse as wireless applications, aerospace/defense, satellite communications, radars, base stations with complex PA configurations, medical, consumer, and many other industries where high-frequency system must be architected optimally to minimize cost and system integration delays downstream.

Genesys Spectrasys Simulation Module

Genesys Spectrasys Simulation Module

Unique Technologies in Spectrasys

Spectrasys utilizes a spectral-domain simulation technique created specifically for RF system simulation and diagnosis called SPARCA – Spectral Propagation And Root Cause Analysis. This diagnostic capability is not found in other RF system architecture tools. It analyzes and retains the individual contributions and propagation paths for every harmonic and intermodulation product in the system. This information is interactively available and allows you to identify not only troublesome spurious products, but also where they originate, and what to do about them by modifying the architecture interactively.

How is Spectrasys made available?

Spectrasys is available in Genesys, SystemVue, Advanced Design System (ADS), along with its companion system frequency planning tool WhatIF, are available in the following products containing the System RF Architecture capability:


For more information, refer to the PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) Technical Overview.


Advanced Design System