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Toll-Free: 1 800 507-6274
Hours: 6:00 am to 5:30 pm, U.S. Pacific Time, Mon - Fri

Sales & Support Email:

Checking Your Product Order Status

To check your product order status and track shipments for a single order, or to login to access "My list of orders" to view all of your orders online, please use the Check order status and track shipments form.

Licensing Request Forms

To request or renew licenses for your Keysight software installation, please complete and submit the License Request in the Keysight Software Manager.

Evaluation License Request Forms

To request an evaluation license, redeem an evaluation token, or renew an existing evaluation license, please complete and submit the appropriate form for your product below:

Licensing (Codeword) Tables

Licensing tables are useful for determining the licensing that enables specific product features. Products are listed by Keysight Part Number, Product Description, and Licensing Name. Product suites are also shown with their corresponding codeword set.

For more information, access the Keysight EDA Licensing Tables (Knowledge Center login required).

License Installation Instructions

For license installation instructions:

  1. Access the Keysight EDA Documentation library.
  2. Using the drop-down menu for your product, select the documentation for your specific product release.
  3. Locate the installation/licensing documentation for your platform (Windows or UNIX/Linux).
  4. Use the table of contents or search to find detailed information on licensing.

Changing Your License Server(s)

To change your license server(s):

  1. Contact your Keysight EDA Business Support representative by telephoning 1-800-507-6274 or sending email to
  2. Discuss your server transfer with a Keysight EDA Business Support representative. Note that changing license server(s) is also known as a server transfer and will require the approval of your local Field Engineer.

Note: Outside of the United States or Canada, please contact your local Keysight EDA representative or contract administrator for assistance.

Platform Support Information

For computer platform support information:

  1. Access the information on Software Versions, Computer Platforms, and Operating Systems.
  2. Click the link for your product/platform (Windows or UNIX/Linux).
  3. Use the information provided to find the version you are interested in.

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