The versatile EXM helps device producers meet the growing demand for the latest wireless and smart devices – and now supports more Internet of Things (IoT) device formats. New wireless connectivity formats have been added to the E6640A EXM, expanding the test set’s existing broad multi-format coverage of wireless connectivity and cellular formats in both the design validation and manufacturing stages.

Expand your development and testing of new formats

  • Design and test WLAN 802.11ah devices with V9077B-6FP/6TP WLAN measurement application or Y9077B-6FP/6TP WLAN measurement and waveform application
  • Design and test WLAN 802.11af devices with V9077B-7FP/7TP WLAN measurement application

Previous enhancements include

  • Design and test automotive dedicated short range communications (DSRC) devices with WLAN 802.11p (included in V/Y9077B-2FP/2TP)
  • Design and test WLAN 802.11ac “Wave 2” devices (V9077B-WFP/WTP) with measurements such as 1024QAM and 2x2 80+80 MIMO
  • Design and test the latest Bluetooth® 4.2 formats (V9081B-MEU for existing V9081B customers)

Purchase the application combinations to meet your needs

  • V90xxB applications include measurements only (use included EXM waveform slots for waveform playback)
  • Y90xxB applications include measurements and unlimited waveform playback for the format(s) purchased

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