DesignGuide Developer StudioNote: The information below is provided for reference only.

DesignGuide Developer Studio Highlights

The DesignGuide Developer Studio enables you create an ADS DesignGuide menu interface:

  • Menu Editor
  • Palette Editor
  • Tab Dialog Editor
  • Bitmap Editor
  • Quick Help Editor
  • System Help Editor

DesignGuides can be defined and installed in the $HOME directory.

Note: The DesignGuide Developer Studio is not sold individually; however, the feature/capability is included in the Advanced Design System (ADS) Core.

Product Description

The DesignGuide Developer Studio (DGDS) is a customization tool that lowers the barrier for design experts to add their expertise to ADS, and to share that knowledge with colleagues or business associates.

The DesignGuide Developer Studio is the tool that is used to make a useful set of subcircuits more accessible and more visible. Users can share a collection of designs that illustrate best design flows and simulation practices.

It helps develop and distribute IP that will speed up and standardize the design process. It also facilitates external development of add-on products.

Your customers or colleagues are more likely to use your designs when they are accessible and configured prominently in the user interface. With the DesignGuide Developer Studio, you can quickly create custom menus and palettes that are easily accessible from the DesignGuide menu. Each menu item and palette can have a pre-defined action.

DesignGuides are now built and packaged to support both PC and Unix with the same debian archive file. There is no longer a selection to build for PC or Unix.

The DesignGuide Developer Studio is free to any supported customer of ADS. It works from the ADS design environment, and does not require any additional license for operation.