Quickly identify PDN sensitivities, in-circuit, using a simple probe-based solution

Power distribution network (PDN) noise is one of the most common issues in low power applications. A Picotest J2150A Harmonic Comb paired with the P2100A or P2101A 50Ω transmis¬sion line ‘PDN’ probes and a Keysight spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer or oscillo¬scope provide an ultra-portable and simple method of locating PDN sensitivities.

  • Fast, in-circuit identification of PDN sensitivities 
  • Multi-mode harmonic comb spans 1 kHz -1 GHz
  • Frequency & impulse width dithering minimize dead-zones due to sampling effects 
  • Once a sensitivity frequency is identified, the comb can be locked for single frequency operation
  • Convenient, ultra-portable USB stick with single button operation
  • The J2150A harmonic comb pairs with Picotest P2100A and P2101A 50 Ω transmission line probes
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, Picotest, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.