Easy to use and highly repeatable measurements up to 80 GHz

  • Very high Q resonators enable low loss material test for 5G and other demanding mmWave applications
  • Easy operation for excellent repeatability and test efficiency regardless of operator skills
  • Complies with IPC test method TM-650


N1501AKEAD-ST1 starter kit is required. The kit consists of the test software and COP test sample. Two RF cables for network analyzer connection and a control PC are also required.

Test Software

Permittivity measurement software is available for efficient measurement. It controls the Keysight Technologies network analyzer and automatically acquires the necessary parameters, then outputs the complex relative permittivity. The test software is included in the N1501AKEAD-ST1 starter kit.

System requirements

  • Windows OS (Windows 7 or later)
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later
  • Keysight IO Libraries

Usable analyzers

  • Keysight ENA/ENA-L Series Network Analyzers
  • Keysight PNA/PNA-L Series Network Analyzers
  • Keysight Streamline Series USB Network Analyzers

Test Sample Requirements

A thin flat plate sample is required for Split Cylinder measurements.

Recommendation for accurate measurement and easy handling: 10 GHz: 62 mm x 75 mm, Others: 34 x 45 mm

We recommend thickness of about 100µm. Typical maximum thickness is shown in the chart below. In case of relatively high loss materials, tanδ>0.01 for example, a sample may need to be significantly thinner than the limit in the chart.


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