Increase the accuracy of your 5G network with wideband tracking antennas for full-directional FFT-based spectrum analysis

TA Engineering’s wideband signal tracking antenna system is optimized for measuring the real-time wireless channel network environment in the 5G frequency band. Optimized for Keysight PXIe high-performance and Fieldfox handheld signal generators, this system can contain up to 32 Rx antennas arranged horizontally with 8 or 16 antennas in a 2-bay array with one or two configured outputs. It is easily mounted on the roof of a vehicle for mobile millimeter-wave signal acquisition. A radome enclosure provides weatherproofing against harsh environments.

  • Tx frequency 26 – 40 GHz with full-azimuth 360˚ signal reception.
  • FFT-based spectrum data acquisition of 512 points > 600 times/s for 16 antenna array with the Keysight PXIe vector signal analyzer.
  • The maximum Rx power level and direction of incoming signals are displayed in color on the Google map.
  • Real-time spectrum and spectrogram display during FFT data acquisition.
  • Automatic adjustment of antenna’s vertical position (up to 30° 2-bay or 45° 1-bay array) with adjustable tilt.