PathWave System Design 2022 Update 0.2 is a minor update release, building on the functionality from our 2022 major release. It includes the new W4526E Aerospace and Defense Library with all our unrestricted radar capabilities, plus the re-introduction of the W4525E Automotive Library and W4513E Ray Tracing Kit.  

We also include new and enhanced capabilities from PathWave System Design 2022  in the following areas:

  • NEW Application bundles focused on key domains:
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • 5G & Cellular
    • Automotive
    • Wi-Fi & Connectivity
    • Satellite
  • NEW Aerospace Defense Designer for efficient and seamless scenario simulations, working with the new Aerospace and Defense Visualization Kit W4515E
  • NEW Phased array enhancements for channel-specific amplifiers, GUI for array visualization, active impedance enhancements and 2-tone X-parameter support
  • NEW Modelithics RF system library and updated X-Microwave RF library
  • NEW 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7) signal source, EVM measurement, and examples
  • NEW Ability to import channel models from the Keysight PROPSIM GCM tool
  • Improved integration with PathWave 89600 VSA software for seamless use model, enhanced connectivity, and closed-loop simulation

Please note that our Electronic Warfare content will be available in our upcoming W4521E Electronic Warfare Library, which will available to select customers due to ITAR regulations and in a subsequent release.

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) 2022 Update 0.2 is available now!

PathWave System Design 2022 Update 0.2 is a minor update release. It continues the focused effort on RF system modelling excellence, derived from Keysight’s measurement science leadership, and offers powerful connectivity to other enterprise tools, both Keysight and third-party, which drive digital mission engineering design flow.

PathWave System Design strives to make RF system simulation effective for all system engineers, working in RFIC, subassembly or mission / system-of-systems applications. It enables process flows between circuit design, RF system design, baseband design, and hardware verification through platform connectivity. Enhanced features for Aerospace Defense, Cellular, and Wi-Fi system designers are included, as well as updated RF system simulation capabilities.  Phased array analysis is further enhanced, including improved antenna and RF modeling.

New PathWave System Design Application Bundles

  • W4811B PathWave System Design + Aerospace Defense - Includes the A/D Library, STK Link, and A/D Visualization Kit.
  • W4812B PathWave System Design + 5G & Cellular - Includes 5G and Cellular Library and DPD Design Kit.
  • W4813B PathWave System Design + Automotive - Includes the Automotive Library and Ray Tracing Kit. 
  • W4814B PathWave System Design + WiFi & Connectivity - Includes Wi-Fi and Connectivity Library and DPD Design Kit.
  • W4815B PathWave System Design + Satellite - Includes 5G and Cellular Library, Satellite Comms Library, STK Link, and DPD Design Kit.

All bundles also include PathWave System Design Core, Comms/DSP Analysis, Phased Array Analysis, 2G and 3G cellular.

Figure 1. New PathWave System Design Application Bundles.

Figure 2. Phased Array channel-specific impairments for RF_Amp.

W4503E Phased Array Simulation

Channel-specific amplifier parameters

  • Supports amplifiers with different RF performance characteristics in different groups of channels in the array
  • New visualizer allows users to easily see where groups of system blocks are located across the array structure

Active impedance / active loading

  • Enhanced accuracy of active impedance calculation with imported antenna patterns

Antenna enhancements

  • Support for importing .cut files from GRASP antenna simulation software
  • Simulated beam pattern can be exported to GRASP as well
  • Import of HFSS pattern files with multiple frequencies
  • Support for conversion of directivity/polarization pattern to azimuth/elevation grid

W4501E Comms / DSP Simulation

  • Multiple Envelope is now supported for use when called by  3rd party simulators
  • Correlated and uncorrelated jitter are now supported in AtoD_M and DtoA_M models
  • Oscillator_M model now supports a combination of correlated and uncorrelated phase noise

Figure 3. Correlated and uncorrelated noise in D-to-A.

Figure 4. X-Microwave and Modelithics RF component libraries.

W4502E RF Simulation

  • New Modelithics System SELECT (+) library
  • Updated X-Microwave library with new model views including physical layout view

Application Bundles and Library Update

  • NEW W4811B Aerospace Defense Application Bundle
    • Includes W4521E Aerospace Defense library (renamed from Radar and EW), W4515E Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit and STK Link
  • NEW Aerospace Defense Designer, included in W4521E Aerospace Defense library
    • Create and run radar and EW simulations directly from the GUI
    • Easily configure and visualize radar / EW scenarios, position, and movement of objects
    • Works in conjunction with NEW W4515E Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit, powered by STK from AGI, an Ansys Company

Figure 5. New radar system GUI from W4515E PathWave Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit.

Figure 6. Satellite communications simulation in PathWave System Design.

Satellite Communications Simulation in PathWave System Design

  • NEW W4812B 5G and Cellular Application Bundle
    • Includes W4522 5G NR & Cellular library, LTE, LTE-A, NB-IoT, MIMO Channel builder and DPD Design Kit
    • EVM Model updated to include same measurement science as the VSA 89600 2022 release
    • Support for Resource Allocation Type 0 for PUSCH in uplink receiver model
  • NEW W4815B Satellite Application Bundle
    • Includes W4522 5G NR & Cellular library, MIMO Channel builder, DPD Design Kit, Satellite Comms & Navigation Libraries

802.11be Reference Example

  • NEW W4814B Wi-Fi and Connectivity Application Bundle
    • Includes W4522E Wi-Fi & Connectivity library, with 802.11a/b/n/ah/ac/ax and Bluetooth 4.1, 5.0, 5.2
    • Now with 802.11be (WiFi7) source, EVM measurement and new examples
    • 802.11be VTB examples for use with PathWave ADS
    • Support for single user, non-OFDMA source

All bundles also include PathWave System Design Core, Comms/DSP Analysis, RF Analysis, Phased Array Analysis, 2G and 3G cellular  

Figure 7. 802.11be reference example.

Figure 8. VSA 89600 Link component and example..

PathWave VSA_89600_Link Component and Example

  • VSA 89600 Software Connectivity
    • Seamless VSA integration: ready for use during SystemVue simulation
    • Reference receiver: new VSA_89600_Link component captures measurements from the VSA back into SystemVue for closed-loop simulations or further processing
    • Flexible reconfiguration: VSA_89600_Sink and VSA_89600_MIMO_Sink elements enable changes to VSA settings during simulation

PROPSIM Channel Model in PathWave System Design

  • Keysight Instrument Connectivity
    • Ability to import of PROPSIM GCM Channel Models into system simulation
    • New Signal Downloader component for the Keysight M8199A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • SignalPreCorrector@Instruments Subnetwork Models supports channel equalization in conjunction with VSA

Figure 9. PROPSIM channel model in PathWave System Design.

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