PathWave Model Builder 2023 includes the following new features and major enhancements:

  • Supports the Advanced Link to PrimeSim HSPICE on the Linux platform
    • A new and exclusive link
    • Faster simulation speed and easier to configure
  • Supports the new model version: BSIM-CMG 111.2.0
  • IMV Pages Enhancements
    • Supports new type IMV Table with Single Target Table and Multiple Target Table
    • Supports the saving of the IMV Table in an Excel or DP formats
    • Supports new IMV type for parameter effective value calculation
    • Supports new IMV Filter for IMV and DP instances filtering
  • Added a new extraction flow framework and demo project for point model extraction
  • Supports the loading of user-defined parameter range settings from a file

PathWave Model Builder 2023 is available now.


Introducing PathWave Model Builder 2023

PathWave Model Builder 2023 is the next major release of PathWave Model Builder, a complete modeling solution that integrates SPICE simulation, model parameter extraction, and model library generation.

Figure 2: New IMV Table.

New IMV Table

PathWave Model Builder 2023 also implements various new functions in IMV Pages, including new IMV Tables, the parameter effective value trend plot, the new IMV filter for instance parameters, etc. These new implementations help users to improve the working efficacy and model quality.

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