PathWave Model Builder 2022 includes the following new features and major enhancements:

  • New statistical model extraction tool delivers a one-stop statistical modeling solution:
    - Auto generate integrated model library
    - Auto extract global and local Monte Carlo (MC) model
  • New model versions support:
    - BSIM-BULK 107.0.0
    - BSIM-IMG 103, BSIM-IMG 102.9.4
    - BSIM-CMG 111.1.0
  • Updated the default Java version to jdk1.8.0_202

PathWave Model Builder 2022 is available now.


Introducing PathWave Model Builder 2022

PathWave Model Builder 2022 is the next major release of PathWave Model Builder, a complete modeling solution that integrates SPICE simulation, model parameter extraction and model library generation.

PathWave Model Builder’s new statistical model extraction tool provides a simple, one-stop solution for statistical modeling. The new feature offers a step-by-step wizard, including auto model integration and auto model generation. Learn more about how to use the statistical modeling tool.

Figure 2: PathWave Model Builder's new statistical model tool.

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Figure 1: PathWave Model Builder Program's new statistical model extraction tool.