PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) 2021 includes the following capabilities:

  • New look and feel with PathWave User Interface
  • New shortcuts and easier navigation in Tables and Inputs/Outputs/Plots tiles
  • Expanded Data Import/Export
  • Upgraded CMOS Modeling Packages
  • Support for Mentor Graphics AFS simulator
  • PathWave ADS 2021 and ADS 2021 Update 1.0 support

PathWave Device Modeling 2021 is available now!


PathWave Device ModelingPathWave Device Modeling 2021 represents a major milestone in our on-going effort to renovate the platform. The User Interface (UI) has been completely re-designed to adopt a new look and feel with new Dark and Light UI PathWave themes. The new themes include new icons, optimized layout with modernized UI widgets and fonts. IC-CAP 2021 also bring key usability enhancement in editing tables and tiles..

The two figures below show an example of the PathWave Device Modeling Model Window with the new Dark and Light Style PathWave themes. The default theme is Dark, but it can be easily toggled to Light using the new Appearance Settings dialog under the PathWave Device Modeling / Main Tools menu. The new Roboto and Inconsolata fonts feature a larger size for better readability.

Figure 1. PathWave Device Modeling model window with new dark style PathWave theme.

Figure 2. PathWave Device Modeling model window with new light style PathWave theme.

To improve usability, new shortcuts have been added to conveniently managing and editing fields in Input, Output and Plots Tiles and Tables.

The new UI styles features redesigned widgets (such as Tables, Labels, Edit Texts, Dropdowns, etc.). Custom dialogs created with IC-CAP GUI Studio may need to be updated to account for the general size increase of the new widgets. To help customer with this transition, the PathWave Device Modeling 2021 release features a Legacy Mode Style. The Legacy mode only replaces the icons while maintaining the old widgets.

Expanded Data Import

Non-MDM Data files can now be imported and exported in IC-CAP Setups via Python customization. The "Import Create" and "Export Data" Dialogs can now be used to seamlessly import files of different extensions into the current Setup. The current release includes working examples for .csv and Maury/AMCAD .mps/.mes files, however, custom Data File types and extensions can be added providing that a corresponding Python importer is added. For more information, refer to Data File Import and Export Using Python in the Product Documentation.

IC-CAP with Python 3

Looking for Python 3? IC-CAP will transition to Python 3 starting from our next major 2021 Update 1.0 release. PathWave Device Modeling 2021 Update 1.0 Early Access is available for download now and we would like to invite all customers who wants to get ahead of this important transition to download and start transitioning to Python 3. This EA release is equivalent to PathWave Device Modeling 2021 and replaces Python 2.7 with Python 3.8.5. It provides an immersive Python 3 experience, with expanded package support, integrated plotting, a package add-on mechanic, and linkage to remote installations. IC-CAP Python 3.8.5 standard configuration now includes additional packages like Pandas, SymPy, H5Py, Mayavi/VTK and the ability to customize the installation by adding more packages.

To download PathWave Device Modeling 2021 Update 1.0 EA with Python 3, go to IC-CAP Early Access Downloads (you must login to the Knowledge Center)

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