New and updated features in Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2012.07

  • New license module
  • Default Java version upgrade
  • Revised and improved user guide
  • Support for loading .mdm data format
  • Support for the ADS simulator and III-V models validation
  • Other improvements


Model Quality Assurance (MQA)The MQA 2012.07 software release includes a number of new features and improvements.

New License Module

  • Change FlexNet licensing software to be consistent with other EEsof products
    (FlexNet version with the agileesofd vendor daemon in this release)
  • Updated license features

Upgraded Default Built-in Java Version

Upgrade JDK version to jdk1.6.0_33 with:

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7
  • Improved stability of runtime environment
  • Additional utilities
  • Bug fixed

Revised and Improved User Guide

  • Improved document structure
  • New indexing function
  • Improved search capability

 MQA Documentation

Support for .mdm Data Format

Support for loading .mdm data directly for different device types (MOSFETs, bipolars, and others) and test types (DC, CV and RF).

Supports the ADS Simulator and III-V Models Validation

  • Models - In addition to supporting popular models for silicon devices, MQA also supports Keysight HBT, Angelov, Angelov GaN, EEHEMT1, EEFET3, and NeuroFET models for III-V devices (HBTs, MESFETs and pHEMTs).
  • Simulations - Supports DC, AC (S-parameter, Y-parameter, Ft, Fmax, Gmax, Gmsg, etc.), and load pull simulations (Pout, GAIN, PAE, etc.)
  • Rules - Built-in checking routines for III-V models to enable comprehensive model QA, measurement QA and accuracy QA.
  • Data - Support for loading DC, AC S-parameter, and load pull data directly.

Load DC, AC S-parameter, and Load Pull Data Directly in MQA

Other Improvements

  • Enhancement of macro model validation
  • Add the “Fit Line Through Origin” option in the right-click menu for mismatch plots

MQA Fit Line Through Orgin Option

  • Add the algorithm “Minus Last Curve Data” in the Math Transform menu
  • Add a new system variable “MQA_MAX_WAITING_TIME” to allow MQA to wait for the license
  • In mismatch plot, the constants in the equation are expressed using scientific notation

MQA Mismatch Plot

  • Added an option on the Display panel to customize display layout

MQA Customize Display Option

  • Improvements on windows fitting and resizing

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