IC-CAP 2008 (with Add-ons 1 & 2): Bringing Innovative Modeling Technology to Our Customers

The IC-CAP 2008 release introduced the IC-CAP Target Modeling Package. Used to extract MOS models from semiconductor manufacturing process targets, the Target Modeling Package enables designers the to develop device simulation models earlier in the design cycle for faster overall integrated circuit design.

The IC-CAP 2008 Add-On 1 release introduced the Hisim2.4 Model Extraction Package, an easy-to-use and efficient flow to measure and extract DC and RF parameters of the Hisim2.4.1 model.

The IC-CAP 2008 Add-On 2 release introduced a similar extraction package for the Hisim_HV model for symmetrical HVMOS and asymmetrical LDMOS devices.

New with this Release

  • Target Modeling Package
  • HiSIM2.4 Model Extraction Package
  • HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Package
  • Parameter & variable searching and grouping capability
  • High Frequency noise simulations with ADS
  • ADS/Spectre netlist compatibility. Utilize the high-speed simulation link to ADS while maintaining your Spectre netlists.
  • New Parameter Extraction Language (PEL) function called, "program2" which enables you to pass arguments
  • New instrument drivers for ENA 5071C (2-port) and PNA-X (2-port)

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