Typical PathWave Model Builder Users

Device Characterization and Modeling Engineers at Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs) or Foundries

  • MBP provides a turnkey solution for parameter extraction and model generation.
  • MBP users can carry through modeling work for advanced technologies (e.g. SOI modeling, layout dependent effects modeling, and multi-gate transistor modeling).
  • Flexible scripting environment in MBP enables users to customize in-house extraction flow.
  • A built-in graphical user interface (GUI) automated extraction flow and useful modeling utilities enable high-volume model generation with high quality.


Foundry Interface Engineers and Device Modeling Engineers at Fabless Companies

  • MBP supports all advanced models and mainstreamed simulators. It enables engineers to easily check models acquired from foundries directly.
  • The powerful tweaking function in MBP enables re-targeting model library according to the design spec.
  • Predictive model generation for designers to reduce the design circle.

For more information, refer to Device Modeling and Characterization Products.

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