Typical PathWave ADS Users

MMIC Designers

To enable MMIC designers to reduce costs and get to market fast, and first, ADS delivers the industry leading circuit and electromagnetic simulators along with a complete manufacturing flow. The ADS MMIC Desktop Flow includes layout, foundry qualified and supported enhanced PDKs with MMIC toolbars containing the full set of layout editing commands, ADS Desktop DRC, ADS Desktop LVS in addition to support for Assura and TriQuint mailDRC, and Mentor Calibre LVS. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to MMIC Design


Signal Integrity Engineers

Signal integrity engineers who are hurdling the multigigabit/s barrier look to ADS for the correct treatment of high-speed effects like distortion, mismatch, and crosstalk. Uniquely, ADS integrates accurate system, circuit, and EM simulators, so you can not only get the right answers but also get them faster by avoiding error-prone and time-consuming data transfer between a collection of point tools. Evaluate ADS today and find out what companies like Cisco, NVIDIA, and Inphi have discovered. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to High Speed Digital Design.

RFIC Designers

If your designs are based on the Cadence design flow, you can access Keysight’s powerful frequency-domain simulation technologies directly from within the Cadence environment using Keysight’s GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software. Circuit netlists from the Cadence environment can also be brought into ADS for system-level analysis using Dynamic Link. Either way, you’ve got the power to efficiently design RFICs with high performance and yield for capitalizing on market opportunities. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to RFIC Design.

RF and Microwave Board Designers

Ever increasing substrate layer counts, smaller form factors, complex packaging technologies, and closer design proximity continue to make RF/MW board designs ever more challenging. ADS provides integrated system, circuit, and EM simulators, layout, and powerful optimizers to help increase productivity and efficiency, validating high-yield designs prior to manufacturing. ADS works with framework integration products, such as Mentor and Cadence, to fit in your design flow. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to RF and Microwave Board Design.


RF System-in-Package and RF Module Designers

ADS provides integrated circuit, system and 3D EM simulators for the design and verification of complex SiP and SoP designs such as RF front end and power amplifier modules. Effectively addressing the trend towards smaller form factors and more functionality in low cost packages, ADS accurately accounts for interactions of RF mixed signal, mixed technology components such as MMICs, RFICs, discrete components, antennas and multi-layer packaging with embedded passives. ADS industry compliant wireless libraries enable verification of designs to the latest wireless standards. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to RF System-in-Package and RF Module Design.

Power Electronics Designers

The fast edges of modern switching devices such as SiC and GaN require new thinking about EDA tools. Traditional SPICE falls short because it is limited to the time domain and to lumped elements. ADS (optionally with EMPro) offer both time and frequency domain simulation of both lumped and distributed elements. The frequency domain is covered with ADS’s Harmonic Balance (HB) simulator. HB yields the steady state solution rapidly. Distributed effects are covered by our EM field solvers, Momentum, FEM Element, and FDTD Element. There are three main reasons to apply an EM field solver to your “virtual prototype”:

  • PCB traces and vias add significant parasitic impedances to your circuit
  • Create EM-based models of distributed components such as PCB trace inductors with integrated magnetics
  • Model EMI/EMC in a “virtual chamber”

For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to Power Electronics.