Before you can use an update you download from the web, you will need to obtain an Update Activation Key. You can obtain an unlimited 12-month Update Activation Key by purchasing an annual subscription. Limited use revision-specific Update Activation Keys can be obtained from this web site during special promotions.

  • Purchasing an Annual Subscription- To insure unlimited access to a full year's worth of updates, you can purchase an Update Activation Key through our Software Update Service (SUS) program. The Update Activation Key you receive with your order will be embedded with a Minimum Reporter License Revision equal to the currently shipping revision of the Advisor Reporter. If you are purchasing SUS for an older revision of software, you must also purchase a one-time upgrade to the currently shipping revision. Also remember to purchase one SUS for each license of Advisor Reporter you own, not just one for your whole organization.
  • Limited Use Free Update Activation Keys- From time to time, free limited use Update Activation Keys will be made available via the web. These keys are encoded to allow licensees of a specific range of Advisor Reporter revisions to update to a specific revision. The Date Code Limit embedded in these keys is set to the internal Date Code of the update they are designed to unlock. If your original Reporter license revision does not meet or exceed the Minumum Reporter License Revision embedded in the Update Activation Key you will not be able to unlock the update and will have to revert back to an older revision. Minumum Reporter License Revision requirements will be posted for each of these free limited use Update Activation Keys.