Model Builder Program (MBP)Model Builder Program (MBP) 2014.04 Hotfix 2 includes a number of enhancements and fixes for known issues.

MBP 2014.04 Hotfix 2
Platform Filename Downloads Size
Linux (.tar) mbp2014_04_hf2_100_linux_x86.tar Download 413,358,080 bytes (394 MB)
Windows (.exe) MBP2014_04.hf2.exe Download 611,903,551 bytes (583 MB)

Note: MBP 2014.04 HF2 is a complete independent installer and does not require base release.

Refer to the MBP 2014.04 HF2 Release Notes (PDF, 149.8 KB) for details about enhancements and defect fixes included in this hotfix.

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