When to use the Program

Run the RF Path Maintenance program after a repair to any of the following modules in the source path (i.e. RF interface, 3GHz Attenuator, Synth Doubler and Vector Output) and after doing a E5515CU 006 upgrade to add the RF Out Only port. Run the program when option 003 has just been added to a E5515C. See picture below.

The Test Set Verify check box will launch the TestSetVerify program if it is loaded and on the PC.

System Requirements

Your computer must meet these requirements: Windows® 98/2000, Windows NT4.0TM, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, at least 32 MB of RAM, 30 MB of available hard drive space, and a GP-IB card or USB/GP-IB cable. A network adapter is recommended for web access.

The program requires one of the following power meters:

  • Keysight or HP EPM-441A
  • Keysight or HP EPM-442A
  • Keysight E4418A/B
  • Keysight E4419A/B

with one of the following power sensors:

  • Keysight E4412A
  • Keysight E9301A

To run the Power Meter Verification test requires the following equipment:

  • ESG-4000D, ESG-D, or ESG-DP Series Signal Generator
  • (etc. E4433B or E4437B) with required options to run formats being tested.
  • Above Power Meter and Sensor


Download RFPathSetup.zip, to your desktop. Then unzip RFPathSetup.exe and double click to run setup. Then follow the instructions on screen.

Running the Program

Click Start | Programs | Keysight | RF Path | 8960 RF Path

Make sure all equipment is connected before starting the program.
The next dialog box that appears is the Control Panel. From it you can selectively choose what action has been performed on the box or what test is need to be done.

Revision History

New with Revision B.04.06

  • Increased print function from 6 pages to 12 pages for test data.

New with Revision B.04.05

  • Fixed ‘Back’ button function on the Run form.
  • Converted ‘Help’ forms from RTF format to .bmp picture format.

New with Revision B.04.04

  • Removed Progress Bar.ocx requirement
  • Windows 7 compatible

New with Revision B.04.03

  • Format recognition was enhanced to eliminate the need to modify core code whenever new versions of firmware are introduced.

New with Revision B.04.01

  • Added Thermal Detector NULL test and re-zero
  • Added correction factor in core code for the Type-N Male barrel adaptor used in the Power Meter test

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