Upgrade your Keysight 8509B/C Polarization analyzer to the latest version of firmware (which operates on the instrument controller). Upgrading to the latest version ensures that you have all the latest features and are creating measurements that conform to the latest standards. This free upgrade service is another example of how Keysight is committed to improving your productivity and adding value to your purchases even after you have invested in your Keysight instrumentation.

Version 3.1 enables the 8509B to measure polarization mode dispersion (including narrowband) with the Keysight 81640, 81680, 81480, 81642 and 81682 Tunable laser source modules for the Keysight 8164A Lightwave measurement system. These modules offer greater wavelength accuracy and stability than previous models. You can now measure narrowband polarization mode dispersion without the need for an external wavelength meter resulting in faster narrowband PMD measurements. (Note: The Keysight 8509B supports only measurements at less than 1600 nm.)

Please Note: The 8509B/C is not designed to operate with the Keysight 81689A Compact tunable laser module

Who Should Upgrade

  • Any customer who wishes to use the 8509B with an 8164A Lightwave measurement system with the standard tunable laser source modules.
  • Any customer with an 8509C with software version C.00.19 or earlier.

Installation Procedure

Installation of the upgrade to the Keysight 8509 Version C.03.01 application begins by downloading the appropriate installation files to two floppy disks. Since the Keysight 8509 controller is not generally a networked machine, you must use the floppies to complete the installation or upgrade on the Keysight 8509 controller.

Please Note: Version C.03.01 is intended to run under Windows 95 or Windows 98 only. Customers with earlier versions of Windows on their 8509 controller should not download these files. Instead, these customers are encouraged to upgrade to a Keysight 8509 controller with Windows 98 installed.

To install the new software:

  1. Format two floppy disks and label them 8509 Version 3.1, Disk 1 and 2.
  2. Download each disk image onto the appropriate disk.
  3. To install the software on the Keysight 8509 controller insert disk 1 into the floppy disk drive and run the installation program. Follow the instructions and insert disk 2 when prompted by the installation program.
  4. Remove the floppy disk from the 8509 controller floppy disk drive and run the 8509 software from the desktop icon or from the start menu.