How to find USB Portable FlexNet™ ID for XA8723A_MS, XA8722A_SFP, XA8723B (USB Portable)

1.   Get a FlexNet™ USB dongle where the FlexNet™ ID is printed in 10-XXXXXXXXX format.

2. If you are unable to retrieve the printed FlexNet™ ID on the dongle, you can obtain it via software:

a. If not already installed, run IoT Software Install Wizard and select to install the following options: 

i. Flexera FlexNet Publisher FLEXID-10 USB driver version 6.30b.

ii. IoT Soft Front Panel to install PathWave Desktop Edition 2020B. 

b. Plug in the dongle to your PC’s USB port.

c. Start Keysight PathWave Desktop Edition and go to Software> Licenses and Support to retrieve the FlexNet ID.