Keysight E5071C users chose the best measurement solution of its time. But much has changed since then. As device characterization demands more measurement types, higher frequencies, and tighter tolerances, you need to adapt to the current situation and future-proof against new challenges.

Introducing the E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer

As devices become highly integrated, complete characterization requires a complete RF and microwave measurement solution. The E5080B goes beyond S-parameters with applications for spectrum analysis, pulsed-RF measurements, noise figure, and more. Use your existing E5071C code or SCPI commands from a PNA network analyzer to insert the E5080B into your workflow without missing a step.

E5080B Network Analyzer Software

Software applications provide fast, simple, and repeatable setup and analysis for complex measurements. The E5080B enhances your measurements with a wide variety of software applications, including spectrum analysis, pulsed-RF measurements, and noise figure measurements.

E5080B ENA network analyzer showing noise figure application software

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E5071C compared to E5080B

Compare the E5071C with the E5080B

How do the E5080B's specifications translate to real-world performance? Watch our head-to-head test to see just one way the E5080B improves your workflow.

E5080 ENA network analyzer with E5092A Configurable Multiport Test Set

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There is only one way to reduce equipment maintenance costs while meeting product goals: reduce both cost of ownership and cost of test.

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