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Communicate – Measure – Organize

Labber offers a complete, yet easy to use, solution for instrument control and lab automation. Our software is suitable for any R&D, test, or measurement team who wishes to bring their experimental potential to its absolute maximum. We believe that the time of a successful reseracher or engineer should not be invested writing many lines of code before being able to run an experiment in the lab. Instead, it should be spent on running test and measurements!


The Instrument Server handles communication with all the instruments and equipment present in the experimental laboratory setup.

Labber supports communication over GPIB, serial, USB, TCP/IP, or any other interface that is implemented by the VISA standard.

See our GitHub repository for a complete list of available instrument drivers. On top of the instrument drivers, there are also a set of virtual drivers which are used to implement additional functionality needed for different experiments.


The Measurement setup dialog defines the sequence of values to set or measure during an experiment.

Sequences can have arbitrary number of dimensions and are easily created using drag-and-drop.

Add comments, tags, and users for easy tracking of experiments in your team, making it ideal for efficient collaborations.


The Log Browser visualizes the contents of the log database. In addition to the date of a measurement, you can organize your log files using tags such as project name, chip number, or user.

The log list shows a list of logs matching the selected tags. Quick view shows data and settings for the currently selected log.

Logs can be starred, to highlight important data. Double-clicking an individual log brings up the Log Viewer.

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