One of the most ambitious areas of automotive innovation is autonomous driving. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for current mainstream human-driven vehicles and autonomous driving systems in prototype stage are dramatically improving safety and will save many lives.

Keysight provides the best simulation and test solutions for these mission-critical innovations to ensure their reliability and to validate and demonstrate their accuracy and dependability.

Enabling Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

From radar and cameras to lidar, sensor technologies coupled with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software will enable all levels of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and make self-driving vehicles a reality.

Keysight helps designers and engineers prove that their mission-critical systems are perfectly safe, by validating and demonstrating accuracy and dependability with the best simulation and test solutions.


As the automotive industry adopts wider frequency ranges of automotive radar from 24 GHz to the 77 – 79 GHz and higher ranges, you need to consider the design and test challenges associated with test setups, wideband millimeter-wave (mmWave) measurements, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) loss.

Successful automotive radar design verification and performance is achievable by using advanced mmWave technology to simulate various radar signals, analyze and characterize the signals.

LIDAR Target Simulation

The future vehicle will see the world differently through lidar, or light detection and ranging, a key component towards autonomous driving. Keysight’s lidar target simulator simulates targets at a distance that are impossible to test in the real world.  

You can customize the lidar target simulator to your desired targets and objects with different distances, reflectivity, shapes, and sizes. The lidar target simulator allows you to generate test cases and validate designs, before venturing out to the real-world test environment, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Drive your Automotive Wireless Design to Market Faster

Wireless communication technologies promise to enable safer driving and more convenience for autonomous vehicles. Both 802.11p DSRC and Cellular LTE technologies are competing to realize the vision of V2X and the full potential of ADAS via self-driving vehicles. Keysight test and measurement solutions help accelerate the design and manufacturing of wireless technologies critical to autonomous driving.

Simulation Saves Time and Money

Simulating real-world traffic scenarios is an extremely challenging task. Whether incorporating the vehicle’s environment into design analysis or assessing a mounted vehicle antenna pattern during manufacturing, performance-critical sensors must go through extensive testing before they leave the factory. Keysight's SystemVue Radar Library provides highly-parameterized simulation models and higher-level reference design workspaces that allow designers to create radar system operation scenarios, including radar signal generation, processing, and environmental effects.


A major global automotive manufacturer develops advanced driver assistance systems with high-frequency, high-bandwidth radar sensors using the SystemVue Automotive Radar Library software with the industry-leading M8195A arbitrary waveform generator and N9041B UXA signal analyzer, dramatically reducing development time and costs by enabling engineers to verify and address problems much earlier in the design process.

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