Take Control of a Fast-Moving Communications Industry

The whole world is connected, and the pace of communications innovation is accelerating as end users demand faster, more responsive, and more reliable connections.

Communication links are both wired and wireless, covering everything from ethernet, optical fiber, cellular wireless, and other wireless data communications like Wi-Fi.

Test increasingly needs to span several of these domains, measuring from a baseband cellular signal to a radiated over-the-air waveform. End-to-end measurements may originate from handheld user equipment and be evaluated at an internet data center. Keysight has the expertise to help solve the most complicated communications challenges.

Wireless Data Communications

Test and Validate Your Cellular Innovations

Design system-level simulations for advanced R&D, test and validate designs, perform pre-conformance and conformance testing, build manufacturing test capacity, and optimize the performance of deployed networks with our comprehensive cellular solutions.

Keysight offers a full portfolio of 4G LTE, 4G LTE-Advanced, 4G LTE-Advanced Pro, and 5G New Radio cellular design and test solutions that span the entire product development lifecycle.

Master Wireless Standards

As end user needs change, so too do the wireless standards and technologies that help define the communication industry. Understanding these changes, and the design, test, and deployment complexities they create, are crucial to staying ahead of the curve and the competition.

Keysight’s solutions offer you the best chance of quick success. Let Keysight make your wireless communications vision a reality today.

Location Service Test Solutions

The increase in location-based applications in mobile devices has led to the need to design and test GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and Assisted GPS receivers in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. While this is a one-way technology, satellite-based location service is a technology that co-exists with and enhances many other communications.

Keysight’s solutions include end-to-end simulation modeling for GPS satellite navigation systems (including Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou (Compass) systems), real-world multi-satellite GPS signal generation, and full over-the-air functional test of Secure User Plane for Location (SUPL) testing.

Keysight Location Service Test Solutions
Evolution of Land Mobile Radios

Support the Evolution of Land Mobile Radios

Two-way radios provide an essential function in connecting emergency responders and other mission-critical users. As radios continue the transition to newer digital technologies, manufacturers face complex test challenges due to wider bandwidths, higher frequencies, and various radio formats. We can help you test your radios more quickly at less cost to get your products to market faster. Our automation capabilities also help you implement a smart factory approach to testing your land mobile radios.

Enhance User Experience with Software Test Automation

Customers have high standards for cellular networks and devices. Keysight Eggplant's easy-to-use software test automation and performance tools help you maintain the highest performance standards — no matter the device or platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, Eggplant speeds speeds end-to-end testing with user-centric test scripting and analysis.


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