The WJ5900A WaveJudge 5900 is a modular and scalable test platform that provides the capture and processing capabilities for the SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset.

Key Features:

  • unique solution for passive signal capture and analysis 
  • support for 5G real time decoding
  • support for 3GPP NR Rel 15-17 (NR NTN, RedCap, V2X) 
  • support for 3GPP LTE Rel 9-16
  • support for WiFi 802.11ax and 802.11be 
  • channel BW up to 800 MHz per port 
  • RF ports scalable chassis, 2, 4, 6, or 8
  • single RF module covering FR1 and FR2 bands 
  • SSD storage for long IQ captures to troubleshoot intermittent issues
  • superior EVM and decoding performance 
  • streaming analytics and charting 
  • advanced triggers 
  • expanded filtering and visualizations

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

500 MHz – 8 GHz

Signal Bandwidth

800 MHz per port

Number of RF Ports

2 – 8

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