The S8714A UXM 5G RF application is an easy-to-use and fast solution for RF testing with simple UI, quickly selectable measurements, easily viewable results from multiple measurements, and automatic procedures for common protocol use cases such as blind handovers, paging, and authentication. Useful for hardware integration, performance optimization, regression and design verification testing, and repair, the RF-focused UI makes manual and automated testing quick and easy.

Easily verify RF performance of 5G NR NSA and SA devices with built-in 3GPP test cases. Simply select the test from the drop-down menu and the RF application automatically configures parameters according to 3GPP TS 38.521 and starts the measurement. Save test development time since understanding the 3GPP specification in detail is not necessary.

Quickly modify parameters essential for RF testing such as channel, band, and bandwidth. Specify the desired channel as low, medium, or high for automatic selection of ARFCN according to the 3GPP specifications. Optionally, enter frequency or ARFCN for the channel to be tested. Changing channel, band, and bandwidth is as easy as entering a new value from the main screen – the change is made automatically with the RF application’s intelligent signaling. Change multiple parameters simultaneously by configuring a single blind handover.

Speed up RF verification of 5G NR devices by viewing results of multiple measurements simultaneously. Reduce measurement time with the fast, embedded measurement engine. Quickly automate tests with simple SCPI or use the S8702A RF Automation Toolset.

Optimized for speed, the S8714A UXM 5G RF application is designed for RF testing with intelligent signaling and efficient usability. Reduce time to market with this essential solution for RF verification of 5G NR devices.

Accelerate 5G FWA Device Test

FWA is growing quickly to provide fast data connections to areas previously without broadband service. Many fixed-location devices use 5G and WLAN for connectivity.  Learn more about how our Wireless Network Emulation Solutions can help you verify RF and throughput performance of 5G devices for fixed locations.

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