Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Migration Challenges

Transitioning network devices to software functions is a top objective for service providers and a requirement for 5G. Challenges to getting there include software immaturity and poor performance, the need to integrate with existing network infrastructure, and lack of software experts.

Our NFV test solutions help carriers significantly boost the performance of virtualized network functions. Our test tools and automated methodologies validate and quantify the deterministic behavior of NFV ecosystems throughout the VNF service lifecycle.

Cloud Peak is our latest innovation used to validate the functionality and benchmark the performance of NFV infrastructures (NFVi). This application emulates workloads on top of the NFVi to validate compute, network, and storage performance.

NVF Migration Challenges

Virtual Network Function (VNF) Benchmarking

NFV Benchmarking

The first step of NFV migration is to characterize the performance bottleneck and scaling limit of VNFs within the confined compute/network/storage environment. This can be achieved by testing VNFs with our traffic and service emulators.

To fully quantify VNF performance, the test system must be physically connected to both the network interface card (NIC) and the VNF compute environment. VNF behavior can be measured while under traffic load conditions and then compared to the VNF behavior with other NFV implementations under the exact same conditions. This provides a comprehensive view for making informed decisions about the VNF and the underlying infrastructure.

Keysight Solutions:

Virtual testers: IxNetwork VE, IxLoad VE, BreakingPoint VE

Physical testers: IxNetwork, IxLoad, BreakingPoint

Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

By integrating with automated test cases to validate package contents and functionality, new VNFs can be instantiated, scaled, and updated throughout the network service lifecycle. How can service providers integrate test cases with the CI/CD pipeline and monitor the efficiency of lifecycle management?

Keysight’s service emulation with data-model-driven API provides the toolsets for seamless integration. Furthermore, our professional services and partnership with top lifecycle management platforms simplify tasks and reduce time to market.

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Lifecycle management

Service Chain Validation

Service Chain Validation

Throughout the network service lifecycle, new VNFs can be instantiated, chained, and scale up/down based on customer demand. Service providers must ensure the provisioned VNFs are chained properly and placed most efficiently for best performance.

Our test solution can validate services provisioning and characterize performance and scale throughout the network service lifecycle.

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Edge Computing

To support services like connected cars, IoT, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), service providers are extending NFVI to the edge of the network—reducing latency and mitigating unreliable low-bandwidth connections. Validating the improvement in latency/performance and optimizing the distribution of resources between edge and central data centers is a critical component.

Our unique tool sets can evaluate performance prior to deployment and during operation. Network emulators can further simulate the distance between edge and core data centers—crucial to mimicking realistic placement.

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Keysight SDN/NFV Product Blueprint

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SDN/NFV Product Blueprint

Benchmarking VNFS Across NFV Projects

ETSI hosted its third NFV Plugtest for its NFV ISG work, with the added bonus of it being co-located with the OPNFV Fraser release Plugtest. While there has always been collaboration between the two communities, and a growing number of supporting open source communities actively involved in Plugtests, the event co-location provided additional opportunities for cross-community synergies. It also led to the creation of a new benchmarking initiative involving ETSI NFV, OPNFV, and Open Source MANO (OSM).

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