The smart home is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Many traditional homes already employ at least one or more Internet of Things devices daily. Many new homes are being designed from the ground up with IoT technology. By 2022, Gartner predicts the typical family home could contain more than 500 smart devices.

The functionality of smart home devices may differ, but they share many of the same connectivity and low-power requirements as industrial IoT devices. Smart home IoT devices also share many of the same technical challenges. Keysight stands ready with leading-edge test solutions and expertise to help turn your IoT smart home device designs into market-ready products.
Optimizing power consumption of IoT devices for your smart home

Optimize IoT Power Consumption for the Smart Home

Power consumption is a sizable challenge for IoT devices and appliances intended for the smart home — but not all of them. Wall-powered devices are not subject to the same low-power requirements as their battery-operated counterparts. To fully optimize the energy efficiency of battery-operated IoT devices, current drain testing is essential. Keysight's smart home test solutions allow you to attain exceptional battery life for your IoT devices through accurate battery drain testing that employs our seamless current-ranging technology.

Ensure Wireless Connectivity

IoT enabled smart home devices rely on wireless connectivity to connect to the internet and in some cases, to one another. Ensuring these devices are properly designed and able to support the appropriate wireless standards (e.g., Bluetooth, ZigBee, WLAN 802.11, NFC, LTE-M, and Thread) is critical. Keysight provides application-focused platforms specifically optimized for existing and emerging standards. With Keysight’s IoT wireless test solutions, you can design and test virtually any smart home device you can imagine, and ensure it meets all standard requirements.

Ensure wireless connectivity of smart home IoT devices
Assess smart home IoT devices for deployment

Assess IoT Devices For Deployment

Consumers expect IoT devices to operate as promised in the home environment. Companies test their devices under real-world deployment conditions to make sure that is the case. But the complexity of IoT technology often leaves many ill-equipped to adequately test, leaving them exposed to the risk of mission-critical applications failing in the field. Keysight's solution enables you to conduct comprehensive test and assessment of all your IoT devices, whether in R&D or during deployment/integration. It is the world’s first and only IoT test product capable of emulating complex real-world networks that include hospitals, meeting rooms, and conference centers.

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