We provide you with test and measurement solutions for all components of 112 Gbps serial data links – from the optical front end of a transceiver to the silicon switch.

These turn-key solutions support traceable standards validation procedures developed by Keysight experts allowing your team to focus on what they do best: innovation.

112 Gbps Serial Optical Validation And Conformance Test

Conformance testing is key to the datacom industry as it ensures interoperability between silicon, modules, and optical transceivers from different vendors. Our optical transceiver test solutions combine essential hardware equipment with software applications to enable fully automated conformance testing while ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

Keysight 400G and 800G test solutions support the recommendations defined in the IEEE 802.3bs/cd/ck/cu as well as in the 800G PSM8 and the 100G Lambda mutli-source agreements (MSAs). In addition, multimode interfaces, such as those currently being defined in IEEE802.3db are supported.

The latest solutions accommodate pluggable optics with QSFP-DD800 and 112G OSFP form factors, while other software applications based on the same hardware platform address legacy speeds for SFP+ and QSFP pluggable modules, enabling a clear upgrade path and offering best-in-class investment protection.

Electrical Validation And Conformance Test Solution

112 Gbps Serial Electrical Validation And Conformance Test

A key goal for today’s high-performance chipsets is interoperability. Success with 112 Gbps electrical technology and standards will require a tremendous increase in the performance of the metrology required to support the essential measurements.

We offer the only complete 112 Gbps Tx and Rx electrical conformance test solutions for IEEE 802.3ck and OIF-CEI-112G. Our experts contribute to and closely follow standards development to guarantee you are always prepared with the correct tools and techniques to make sure that your design is on time and meets your customer’s requirements.

Our fully automated standard conformance test applications give you the flexibility needed to go beyond basic compliance. Customize tests for advanced debugging and assessing performance margins.

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