Firmware for Windows 7 and for Windows 10
Revision B.14.03 and later can be installed onto the E5071C with Windows 7 and with Windows 10.

Revision B.14.14 … Released Mar 2020
1. Support U2065xA Power Sensor
2. Enhance USBTMC communication between E5071C Windows 10 and Host PC

Revision B.14.12 … Released Sep 2019
1. Bug Fix: Group Delay calculation with smoothing

Revision B.14.10 … Released July 2019
1. Bug Fix: USBTMC communication on E55071C Windows 10.

Revision B.14.08 … Released January 2019
1. Bug Fix: trace is not shown as straight 0 dB line, when calibration is done.

Revision B.14.06 … Released October 2018
1. Support user ID 6 to ID 12 for ECal User Characterization.
2. Bug Fix: USB power Sensor is not recognized by Win7 E5071C with FW B.14.03.

Revision B.14.03 … Released June 2018
1. Support the E5071C with Windows 7 and with Windows 10.
2. Support Flex-ATX CPU.
3. Support NLT Touch panel.
4. Update WinDriver.
5. Support new Ecal N4690D/N4691D/N4692D/N4696D.
6. Update EULA.
7. Rebranded USB manufacture ID.
8. Added a command to select Keysight Technologies or Keysight Technologies while reading manufacturer name in the product information via IDN?.
9. Deleted “Network Mode” softkey.

Firmware for Windows 7
Revision B.13.01 to B.13.32 can be installed onto the E5071C with Windows 7 only.
Revision B.13.32 … Released August 2017
1. Support USB Sensor U202x U204x U848x.
2. Support ECal N7550A/N7551A/N7552A/N7553A/N7554A/N7555A and System Verification.

Revision B.13.30 … Released April 2017
1. Bug Fix: reading clipping at -200dB and reading real/imag value at zero.

Revision B.13.29 … Released March 2017
1. Bug Fix: potential failure of User Characterization by N7554A/N7555A.
2. Bug Fix: incorrect Calibration Kit Definitions for 85032F.
3. Bug Fix: *IDN?=”Keysight” is not recognizing with USB Power Sensor.

Revision B.13.20 … Released June 2016
1. Add New ECal (N7554A, N7555A).

Revision B.13.10 … Released June 2015
1. Power On Test/Diagnostic Test Limit Change.

Revision B.13.01 … Released October 2014
1. Keysight Rebranding

  • Company name and its logo.
  • Manufacturer name in the product information via IDN? changed to Keysight Technologies from Keysight Technologies.

Revision B.12.04 … Released June 2014
1. Bug Fix: MWA: The display of port does not change even if clicking Next button at power calibration. Power calibration cannot be finished.
2. Supports the E5071C with Windows 7.

Firmware for Windows XP
Revision A.xx.xx can be installed onto the E5071C with Windows XP only.

Revision A.11.36 … Released September 2019
1. Bug Fix: Group Delay calculation with smoothing

Revision A.11.34 … Released August 2017
1. Support USB Sensor U202x U204x U848x.
2. Bug Fix: *IDN?=”Keysight” is not recognizing with USB Power Sensor.

Revision A.11.32 … Released April 2017
1. Bug Fix: reading clipping at -200dB and reading real/imag value at zero.

Revision A.11.31 … Released November 2013
1. Bug fixes. Fixed the issue of marker search tracking function for markers 2 to 9 does not work after recall.

Revision A.11.24 … Released Oct 2013
1. Bug fixes. The previous reading of marker is output after format change. This occurs only when the serial number prefix is MY463 or Display update is off.

Revision A.11.23 … Released June 2013
1. Bug fixes.

Revision A.11.22 … Released May 2013
1. Minor enhancements.
2. Bug fixes.

Revision A.11.08 … Released January 2013
1. Fixed minor bugs. 

Revision A.11.02 … Released September 2012
1. Fixed minor bugs.
2. Supports iCore 7 (2.53 GHz) CPU and Solid-State Drive (SSD).
3. Minor enhancements.

Revision A.10.06 … Released December 2011
1. Fixed minor bugs.

Revision A.10.05 … Released September 2011
1. Supports TDR revision A.01.50.
2. Supports XP embedded operation system (Changes in splash screen at the boot up. The windows icon for minimize, maximize and close are replaced with resize due to windows license).
3. Supports renewed digital hardware (for unit with serial prefix of MY462).
4. Bug of missing UserMenu object when creating a new VBA object is fixed.

Revision A.09.62 … Released July 2011
1. Minor enhancement (Keysight Internal Use only).
Revision A.09.61 … Released Apr 2011
1. Changed the port Z definition of S4P file using S4P embedding/de-embedding.
2. Changed the header comment information in touchstone file to be saved. The Single-end port impedance setting is included.
3. Fixed problem on complex port impedance conversion.

Revision A.09.60 … Released Feb 2011
1. Minor enhancement.
2. Fixed minor bugs.

Revision A.09.54 … Released Aug 2010
1. Fixed problem on TDR application.
2. Fixed problem on state file compatibility.
3. Fixed minor bugs.

Revision A.09.50 … Released Apr 2010
1. Added enhanced time domain option support.
2. Minor enhancement.

Revision A.09.41 … Released Mar 2010
1. Minor enhancement.
2. DiagnosticsTest.vba is updated to rev 01.11.
3. Fixed minor bugs.

Revision A.09.31 … Released Jan 2010
1. Minor enhancement.
Revision A.09.30 … Released Aug 2009
1. Initial revision for 6.5 GHz and 14 GHz options. (Revision A.09.30 or above is required for the operation).
2. Fixed problem on MixerCharacterization.vba program when using with E5071C Opt. 2K5/4K5 20 GHz options.
3. DiagnosticsTest.vba is updated to rev 01.10.

Revision A.09.26 … Released Jun 2009
1. Fixed problem on wait time for N443x 4-port ECal at segment sweep, power sweep, and frequency offset mode (E5071C Opt.2K5/4K5 20GHz options only).
2. Fixed problem on state file compatibility.

Revision A.09.23 … Released Apr 2009
1. Changed algorithm of output power setting level at swept sweep (E5071C Opt.2K5/4K5 20GHz options only).

Revision A.09.22 … Released Mar 2009
1. Added U2000 USB power sensor support.
2. Added ECal wipe support.
3. Added function to perform 8 term calibration using external PC.
4. Added power offset function for receiver calibration.
5. Added the function to calibrate R or T Channel separately.
6. Added the information log function for trouble shooting purpose.
7. Added 2ch/8Tr 10001 points mode.
8. Reduced waiting time for ECal calibration.
9. Modified Overload Detection / Power Trip function.
10. Added command to read the data of measurement points of X axis.
11. Added command to get information of the connected ECAL modules.

Revision A.09.10 … Released Aug 2008
1. Initial revision for E5071C 20GHz option.
2. Added power ranging function (20GHz option only).
3. Added E5092A support.
4. Added MWA1.11 support.
5. Added 160ch/9trace mode.
6. Added more equations on the equation editor.
7. Added more pre-defined calibration kit.
8. Added overload detection / power trip function.
9. Added more supported power meter models.
10. Added more supported signal generator models.
11. Added more supported Ecal models.
12. VBA file icon changed.
13. Fixed problem on Zr and Zt calculation with port Z conversion.
14. Fixed problem on absolute value measurement with external SG.
15. Fixed problem on cal kit definition file with European language setting.
(c.f. FAQ: Cal kit data error could occur when language setting is changed from English on ENA)
16. Changed rotary knob sensitivity for electrical delay and port extension.
17. Ecal Isolation function is deleted.
18. DiagnosticsTest.vba is updated to rev 01.09 and included to the firmware installer file.

Revision A.08.12 … Released Aug 2007
1. Modified content of help file.

Revision A.08.10 … Released June 2007
1. Added notch search function.
2. Added the following channels/traces mode: 72channels/9traces, 96channels/9traces.
3. Fixed external test set mode issue.

Revision A.08.04 … Released May 2007
1. Modified content of help file.

Revision A.08.01 … Released Mar 2007
1. Equation Editor function.
2. N191x P series power meter support.
3. 85038A/F/M cal kit support.
4. Trigger scope function.
5. User defined variables on VBA to be accessed from external controller.
6. Improved recall speed for state file saved as “displayed Channel / Trace Only”.
7. LXI class C compliant (for A.07.01 and A.07.02 users are required to install LXIsetup.exe). 8. Context sensitive help.
9. Fixed problem on Scalar Mixer Calibration.

Revision A.07.02 … Released Nov 2006
1. Fixed problem on De-Embedding of s4p file function.
2. Fixed problem on Port Extension function for trace which is not displayed.
3. Fixed problem on combination of Fixture simulator and Ecal.

Revision A.07.01 … Released Sep 2006
1. Initial revision.