PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) software

PathWave Design 2023 for Device Modeling

PathWave 2023 is Keysight’s latest release of device modeling and characterization products and solutions for modeling and characterization of CMOS and III-V devices. These solutions comprise automated measurements, accurate device model extraction, comprehensive model qualification, PDK validation, and comprehensive modeling services.


PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) 2023

PathWave Device Modeling 2023 features the Model Generator, a new tool that enables engineers to create, organize and document their modeling projects. PathWave Device Modeling 2023 unlocks the power of Python 3 by extending the Python application programming interface (API) with new examples to showcase the HDF5 and Pandas packages. Highlights include:

  • A New Model Generator – A new workflow manager that enables one-click import of measured data, creation of trend plots, organization of the extraction flow, basic QA verification, and documentation
  • Upgraded GaN RF Packages – Supporting the latest model versions, including updated extraction flows and the addition of trapping and thermal effects
  • Improved IC-CAP Python API – New examples showing how to use HDF5 and Pandas in practical device modeling applications

PathWave Model Builder (MBP) 2023

PathWave Model Builder’s Advanced Link to PrimeSim HSPICE enables a new and exclusive HSPICE link method. The new HSPICE link offers a much faster simulation speed and easier configuration. The link will allow users to extract parameters with the latest supported model versions and the Verilog-A model in MBP. 

PathWave Model Builder 2023 also implements new functions in IMV Pages, including new IMV Tables, the parameter effective value trend plot, and the new IMV filter for instance parameters. These new implementations will help users to improve the working efficacy and model quality. Highlights for Model Builder 2023 include:

  • Support for the Advanced Link to PrimeSim HSPICE on the Linux platform
  • Support for the new model version: BSIM-CMG 111.2.0
  • IMV Pages Enhancements
  • A new extraction flow framework and demo project for point model extraction
  • Support for the loading of user-defined parameter range settings from a file

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Double Data Rate Memory (DDR) – Keysight

Figure 2. PathWave Model Builder Advanced HSPICE Link.

Double Data Rate Memory (DDR) – Keysight

Figure 3. PathWave Model QA Project Template Examples.

PathWave Model QA (MQA) 2023

PathWave Model QA enhances the new Project Template-based working mode. A new menu Template is created to offer a quick entry to load the Project Template file. Various Template examples, including Statistical, Corner, Table, and RF, are provided to guide the users in easily creating a new project. PathWave MQA 2023 highlights include:

  • An Enhanced Template-based MQA Working Mode
  • A Grouped Multiple Column Legend Option for MQA PDF Report

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Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) 2023

For noise measurement, a DC analyzer such as the B1500A is needed, but it is expensive and there is a waiting list. The A-LFNA 2023 solves this problem by supporting the PXIe version of the SMU M9601A. Other new features include improved display speed of statistical processing data and the ability to automatically save noise data to a .mdm file during measurement.


  • M9601A PXIe Precision Source/Measure Unit Support – Support of PXIe SMU cards as bias source for the A-LFNA noise measurement allows you to have dedicated SMUs for your noise measurement as a part of A-LFNA system hardware 
  • Speed improvement of Data Viewer Statistical Data Handling – Achieve more than five times faster display speed of statistical data handling of the A-LFNA data display
  • Auto-Saving of Post-Process Data to .mdm file  - In the past, noise value was calculated as post-processing by the data viewer.  In this version, “Noise Value Auto Saving Mode” to the .mdm file during noise measurement is added

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Double Data Rate Memory (DDR) – Keysight

Figure 4. The Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) 2023.

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PathWave Device Modeling 2023 is the next major release of device modeling solutions.

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