PathWave device modeling (IC-CAP) Software

PathWave Design 2024 for Device Modeling

PathWave 2024 is Keysight’s latest release of device modeling and characterization products and solutions for modeling and characterization of CMOS and III-V devices. These solutions comprise automated measurements, accurate device model extraction, comprehensive model qualification, PDK validation, and comprehensive modeling services.


Device Modeling Recentering Modeling Tool

Device Modeling Recentering modeling tool

PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) 2024

PathWave Device Modeling 2024 features the new Recentering modeling tool to enable engineers to efficiently adapt existing model cards to new process specifications. Model Re-centering can reduce the modeling extraction time by as much as 70% compared to traditional step-by-step extraction flow. Highlights of the 2024 release include:

  • Recentering and Corner modeling tool – Use tuning and optimization techniques to adjust important model parameters to align the model with the new targets. Provides the ability to adjust trend plots in real-time and efficiently simulate and display data points from various devices and temperatures.
  • Enhanced Model Generator – Now includes de-embedding tool, full HSPICE support, improved reporting with MS Word output files, and several GUI enhancements.
  • New Model Generator examples to help users get started with the framework – DIODE and MEXTRAM examples.

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Device Modeling (IC-CAP) Demo Videos

Learn how the IC-CAP Model Generator Recentering Tool can help quickly adapt model libraries based on new critical Figures of Merits (Targets) values without requiring time-consuming measurement and re-extraction. Maximize the reuse of all the conditions to further accelerate the modeling process.

Explore how IC-CAP Model Generator automates de-embedding for multiple devices simultaneously, freeing up more time for modeling engineers. It also enables customizable de-embedding calculations that can be easily applied to all types of devices.

PathWave Model Builder (MBP) 2024

Highlights MBP 2024 include:

  • New QA Express
    • A one-click model QA function during model parameter tuning
    • Default model QA checklist
    • Customizable device geometry, bias, rules to check, etc.
  • BSIM-SOI 100.0.1 support
  • Display point data on IV curve support
  • MBP Script Enhancement
    • New full-auto binning model extraction flow example
    • New API to run Python script

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PathWave Model Builder (MBP) QA Express

PathWave Model Builder QA Express

Model Builder (MBP) Demo Videos

Discover how QA Express enables early detection of model issues during model parameter tuning in PathWave Model Builder (MBP). Within a few clicks, modeling engineers can quickly assess model issues and make necessary adjustments.

Learn how to use the automated binning model extraction in Pathwave Model Builder (MBP) to streamline the device modeling workflow using common parameter range settings, optimization strategy, binning methodology, etc.

PathWave Model QA Report Option

PathWave Model QA report option

PathWave Model QA (MQA) 2024

Highlights for MQA 2024 include:

  • Supports seed setup for Monte-Carlo model simulation
  • Enhance the PDF report grouped legend option to allow the users to specify the legend position, columns, text characters, etc.
  • Update the runads.bat for ADS 2022 Update 2.0 and 2023

Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) 2024

The combination of Keysight's Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit (WGFMU) and Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) is the de-facto standard for the Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) measurement, a low-frequency noise in the time domain. If there’s degradation in silicon dioxide film, trapping and de-trapping of device carriers occur which generates RTN.

Ton/Toff is the time duration of carrier trapping and de-trapping. If not measured correctly, this can result in unreliable device performance and shorter device lifetimes.

RTN Ton/Toff analysis capability is now included in the WGFMU measurement software, W7801B and A-LFNA measurement software W7802B.

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Learn how A-LFNA 2024 performs accurate random telegraph noise (RTN) measurement and Ton/Toff analysis efficiciently. It is the new de-facto measurement control and analysis software for RTN. Integrated with PathWave WaferPro, it controls various instruments like wafer prober or matrix switch.

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