Automated IoT Testing

Automated IoT Security Testing

Automated IoT Security Testing

  • Latest threats and recent scenarios​
  • Press a button and run automated tests​
  • See the results and re-run the ones that fail
Automated IoT Compliance Testing

Automated IoT Compliance Testing

  • What severity are your vulnerabilities?​
  • Pass Or Fail ?
  • Certification for secure devices​

Automated IoT Security Testing

  • Quickly find security flaws with intuitive UI​
  • Integrate security testing into CI/CD pipeline with complete REST API management​
  • Discover unknown network stack and chipset weaknesses with protocol fuzzing​
  • Harden security with vulnerability assessment​
  • Validate Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet, CAN bus, Bluetooth, and BLE connected devices
IoT Security Assessment

There are Billions of Connected Devices. Most Aren't Secure.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming so ubiquitous that they fade into the background. But what happens when threat actors find vulnerabilities in those devices? With traditional IT devices, security updates can be applied on the fly. But once IoT devices with fixed firmware are deployed, it is often not possible to fix problems.

Because of the difficulty in patching devices once deployed, it is critical to thoroughly test the security and resilience of IoT devices before deployment, with the attacks and techniques that hackers use in the wild.

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