The Keysight i3070 Utility Card is a powerful addition to the i3070 or i3070 testhead, designed to streamline and enhance the manufacturing process. This utility card offers a range of valuable functions that contribute to efficiency, cost savings, and improved testing capabilities in the printed circuit board assembly manufacturing line. By integrating this card into your testing process, you can achieve the following benefits:

Versatile Integration: The utility card seamlessly integrates into your existing testing setup, enhancing its capabilities without requiring major hardware or software overhauls.

Streamlined Testing: Combine testing and programming into a single phase, saving time and resources in your manufacturing process.

Flexibility and Debugging Ease: Eliminate the need for fixtures in flash programming, allowing for greater flexibility and simplified debugging procedures.

Note: Customers with earlier software versions can enjoy these benefits by upgrading their hardware and software. For more details, explore our i3070 product page.

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Flash Programming Applications

High-Speed Flash Programming: Achieve rapid flash programming at the ICT station, reducing production time and costs.

LED Test Applications

  • Accurate LED Testing: Ensure precise inspection of LED intensity and color during assembly.
  • Automated LED Testing: The LED test module handles both color and brightness checks automatically.

Boundary Scan Applications

Efficient Boundary Scan Integration: Incorporate boundary scan plug-in solutions seamlessly, reducing the effort required for test development.

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