M8000 Series Bit Error Ratio Testers

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Simplified, time-efficient testing is essential when you are developing next-generation computer, consumer, or communication devices. The Keysight M8000 Series is a highly integrated bit error ratio (BER) test solution for physical layer characterization, validation, and compliance testing. With support for a wide range of data rates and standards, the M8000 Series provides accurate, reliable results that accelerate your insight into the performance margins of high-speed digital devices.

Shift into high gear with the M8000 Series and take the express lane to design verification.

  • Pulse amplitude modulation 4 (PAM4) and non-return-to-zero (NRZ) formats software-selectable using one piece of hardware
  • NRZ data rates from 2 to 64 Gbit/s pattern generation and error analysis
  • PAM4 data rates from 2 to 64 Gbaud pattern generation and up to 58 Gbaud (116 Gbit/s) error analyzer
  • Built-in clock/data recovery and equalization from 2 to 64 Gbaud
  • Integrated de-emphasis and adjustable intersymbol interference (ISI)
  • Multichannel capabilities
  • Flexible hardware ensures investment protection as your application needs change

Key Specifications

Data Rate

8.5 to 64 GBaud

Integrated Technologies

ISI, Clock Recovery, Equalization, De‑emphasis


1 to 10

Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)

The 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) standards define four-level PAM (PAM4) multilevel signaling as a recommended modulation format to implement serial 400GE data center interfaces. This is an evolution from the two-state NRZ modulation used in 100GE. PAM4 effectively doubles the data rate for a link bandwidth at the expense of reduced signal to noise ratio (SNR).

You require new measurements to characterize impairments that were not an issue in previous NRZ designs. We can help you ensure accurate and repeatable results to accelerate the development of your PAM4 interface components and systems.

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