• Extended number of test ports with multiple analyzers.
  • Full N-port error correction.
  • Standard S-parameters across all N-ports.
  • Balanced S-parameter measurements.
  • Compatible with M983xA and M980xA Series PXI vector network analyzers.

PXI vector network analyzers (VNA) offer the capability to extend the number of ports for your measurements by using additional modules. When multiple modules are used, they are configured for multiport operation. The S95551B adds a multiport analyzer mode that enables full multiport error correction and measurement capabilities. The instruments may be identified as one VNA by the firmware running on an external host PC. At least one VNA instrument connected to your PC must have one S95551B license to maintain N-port capabilities.

The S95551B software is compatible with M983xA and M980xA Series vector network analyzers.

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