• Integrated fundamental frequency controlled NVNA solution.
  • Passive source tuner pre-match. (Supported only Maury passive tuners)
  • Passive Load tuner control (variable load) (Supported only Maury passive tuners)
  • Active source control for load tuning.
  • Hybrid (passive source tuner pre-match, passive load tuner pre-match and active load source control).
  • Workable with CW (continuous sine wave) and pulsed RF.
  • Fixed DC control, Amcad pulse system for narrow pulsed DC.

S94521B Arbitrary Load Control X-Parameters (ALC) provides passive, active or hybrid load control for extracting X-parameter models far from 50 Ohms. The application is ideal for high power transistor/ amplifier design and validation.

The new ALC application is highly integrated and interactive with the NVNA software providing setup, dc I/V selection, measurement, analysis, and model extraction. Each tab in the application guides you through the process. Adjustments can be made, based on measurement results, before selecting to extract the final X-parameter model. Built-in flexibility enables integration into user systems ranging from the very simple to very complex.

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