• Integrated symmetry 4-quadrant sourcing and measuring capabilities
  • Maximum output: 210 V/315 mA
  • Minimum resolution: 500 nV/10 fA
  • Low current measurement noise: 30 fArms@1PLC
  • Narrow pulse capability: 20 μs at minimum
  • High-speed sampling measurement at 1.25 M samples/s

Keysight M9601A is a PXIe precision source/measure unit (SMU) with the capability to source and measure both voltage and current. It covers currents from 10 fA to 315 mA, and voltages from 500 nV to 210 V, and has the capability to make precise measurements from DC to pulsed down to 20 μs pulse width with the sampling rate up to 1.25 MSa/s. That makes the M9601A ideal for a wide variety of current versus voltage (IV) measurement tasks that require both high resolution and accuracy. You now can accurately perform characterization, parametric/reliability tests of semiconductors, active/passive components, and general electronic devices.


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