Optimized for the 400G speed class, the Keysight M8292A optical modulation analyzer provides a compact and rack-mountable test instrument that connects to the optical output of coherent transmitters. It leverages the full feature set of Keysight's vector signal analyzer and optical modulation analyzer software for analyzing complex modulated data signals.

Coherent optical devices such as dual-polarization IQ modulators and intradyne coherent receivers require testing and qualifying in different development stages. Available as an option, the coherent optical device test software is a turnkey solution for the characterization of these devices. The software easily integrates the M8292A optical modulation analyzer module, Keysight M8296A four-channel high-speed digitizer module, and the Keysight M8196A high-speed arbitrary waveform generator module.

  • Maximum symbol rate is 74 Gbaud
  • Sampling rate 83 to 92 GSa/s
  • Memory depth 512 kSa
  • Operating frequency range 1 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Analog bandwidth, uncorrected 37 GHz (3 dB)
  • Two-slot AXIe module with optical input


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