The run-time version is needed for new versions of Keysight instruments to enable the FPGA IP to download and run. One run-time license will be required for each PXI module that can support PathWave FPGA capabilities. The instrument driver is also required.


PathWave FPGA Software

Customize your instruments to accelerate your measurements. Simplify the development of custom digital signal processing algorithms for hardware FPGA devices. Reconfigure instruments with shorter compiling time and customizable processing functions.

  • Rapidly prototype new control structures on arbitrary waveform generators and digitizers
  • Insert your own logic into instrument FPGAs
  • Compile-to-hardware with one-click
  • Quickly visualize your application flow
  • Steamline your design process with native FPGA-code compatibility
  • Supports VHDL, Verilog and Xilinx projects, and Xilinx IP Catalog

Note: We are transitioning from KF9001B to KF9001C. These are functionally equivalent license schemes that can co-exist. Please make sure that you have the appropriate license installed to cover the version of the instrument(s) that you have installed in your system (refer to the table below). If you are unsure, you may have both KF9001B and KF9001C installed for a given instrument.

Driver version compatibility with B or C KF9001B KF9001C
M5200A PXIe Digitizer Ver 1.0.x Ver 1.1.x or Higher
M5201A PXIe Downconverter Ver 1.0.x Ver 1.1.x or Higher
M5300 PXIe RF AWG Ver 1.0.x Ver 1.1.x or Higher
M5301 PXIe Baseband AWG Ver 1.0.x Ver 1.1.x or Higher
M5302A PXIe Digital I/O Ver 1.2.x or Lower Ver 1.3.x or Higher

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