Industry's Most Flexible and Integrated ENA Vector Network Analyzer 

As devices become highly integrated, complete characterization requires a complete RF and microwave measurement solution. The E5080B provides R&D performance up to 53 GHz and advanced test flexibility. Best-in-class dynamic range, trace noise, and temperature stability guarantee reliability and repeatability.

The E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer enables complete device characterization for passive components, amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. You can perform more tests with one box with integrated features such as DC sources, bias tees, pulse generators, pulse modulators, and internal second source. Gain deeper insights with software applications including spectrum analysis, mixer measurements, and noise figure. Choose from a 2- or 4-port option with frequency coverage from 9 kHz up to 20 GHz or for higher frequencies, 100 kHz up to 53 GHz.

The E5080B utilizes the same measurement science as other Keysight vector network analyzers (VNAs) such as the PNA, PXI, and USB VNA. A common software platform makes it easy to choose the right level of performance to match budget and measurement needs. This commonality guarantees measurement consistency, repeatability, and a common remote-programming interface across multiple instruments in R&D and manufacturing.

  • Wide frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 4.5/6.5/9/14/20 GHz or 100 kHz to 26.5/32/44/53 GHz
  • Fully capture device performance with a wide dynamic range of 140 dB
  • Achieve complete device characterization with optional built-in DC sources, bias tees, pulse generators and pulse modulators
  • Consistently test between R&D and production with the same UI and SCPI commands as high-end PNAs
  • Improve throughput by performing spectrum analysis, pulsed-RF measurements, vector mixer measurements, noise figure, and more on a single instrument

Integrated Functionality

The E5080B eliminates the cost and complexity of configuring multiple instruments. Integrated hardware capabilities for a wide range of tests turn the E5080B into a complete measurement solution.

The E5080B's options include:

  • DC sources
  • Pulse generators and modulators
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Noise figure measurements
E5080b ENA network analyzer
E5080B ENA network analyzer showing RF measurement software

E5080B Network Analyzer Software

Network analyzer software tools enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs in a variety of measurement applications. Simplify complex measurements on your E5080B with software applications such as advanced time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, pulsed-RF measurements, and more.

Key Specifications

Number of Built-In Ports
2 or 4 ports
Maximum Frequency
53 GHz
Number of Built-In Ports
Maximum Frequency
2 or 4 ports
53 GHz
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Signal Integrity
Balance Measurements
Best Speed at 201 Point, 1 Sweep:
2 ms
Mixers/Frequency Converters
Dynamic Range:
140 dB
Instrument Type:
Maximum Frequency:
53 GHz
Minimum Frequency:
9 kHz / 100 kHz
Number of Built-In Ports:
2 or 4 ports
Output Power:
10 dBm
Temperature Stability:
0.005 dB/ ⁰C (Typical)
Trace Noise:
0.0015 dB rms
14 kg (2-port), 15 kg (4-port)
E5080B Keysight ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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