The Keysight BT2155A self-discharge analysis software, controlling the BT2152A or BT2152B self-discharge analyzer, measures and records Li-Ion cell self-discharge current and cell voltage. The software configures the analyzer’s channel settings, such as initial voltage and current matching, channel limits (OVP, OCP, UVP), measurement intervals, and test duration.

The combination of the BT2155A and BT2152A or BT2152B delivers a revolutionary reduction in the time required to measure cell self-discharge current. For smaller cells like cylindrical 18650 or 21700 cells, testing indicates that you can quickly determine stable self-discharge current in as little as 1 hour or less, depending on the cell characteristics. For larger capacity pouch cells (e.g., 10-60 Ah), this can take as little as 1-2 hours or less.

This is a significant improvement compared to waiting for days or weeks for the cell open circuit voltage (OCV) to change enough to determine cell quality. That can provide a major reduction in work-in-process inventory and floor space required for cell storage. And it can significantly decrease your test cycle time and improve your time-to-market.

The self-discharge analyzer and software quickly measure self-discharge current using a potentiostatic measurement method with the characteristics needed to accurately make the direct current measurement. The BT2155A self-discharge analysis software controls one BT2152A or BT2152B self-discharge analyzer (up to 32 channels) and also measures the temperature on a group of up to 32 cells.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Measures and records cell self-discharge current and voltage using the BT2152A or BT2152B self-discharge analyzer.
  • Controls the analyzer’s channel configurations, measurement settings, and test duration.
  • Saves or logs measurement data on all channels (current and voltage) and temperature on the group of up to 32 cells.
  • Recalls previously stored measurements for display and analysis.
  • Exports recorded data to csv file.
  • Matching function measures initial cell voltage and current and adjusts values for faster self-discharge measurement
  • Allows the user to adjust the effective total resistance value in series with the cell. This allows the user to select a total resistance value to optimize the RC settling time of the measurement.

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BT2155A Self-Discharge Analysis Software and 90-Day Free Evaluation

  • configures and controls BT2152A/B analyzer
  • displays graphs of self-discharge current and cell voltage
  • logs measurement data for later display and manipulation

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