• Weight: 126 g (4.5 oz); 26g for remote sensor with 2 m cable
  • Power: 15V @ 136 mA
  • Sensitivity: 2.2 uW with 2 m fiber (5 uW with 10 m fiber)
  • Dissipation: 2.0 W typical; 0.0 W for remote sensor
  • Output: Differential Square Wave (100 kHz - 7.2 MHz)
  • Alignment Tolerances: Roll: ± 3 degrees; Pitch/Yaw: ± 1 degree
  • Self-aligned when mounted to 10715A, 10716A, 10717A, 10719A, 10721A, 10735A, 10736A and 10737L/R
  • Usable with a variety of optical components and electronics

The Keysight 10780F Remote Receiver with fiber-optic pickup provides maximum layout flexibility for Keysight laser interferometer positioning systems. Remote pickup capabilities allow mounting of the heat-dissipating receiver electronics away from measurement areas, resulting in high measurement stability, accuracy, and repeatability.

One receiver is used per measurement axis (including wavelength tracker). Configured with Keysight electronics, laser heads, cables and optics, the Keysight 10780F receiver allows you tailor a precise positioning system for your exact application requirements.

Key Specifications

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 10780F Remote Receiver

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