Power related test challenge:

High speed devices, such as microprocessors or FPGAs, can have very fast current transients. Powering devices like this during test can pose a challenge since the sharp current transients can cause severe voltage droops or possible oscillations on the power supply’s output voltage level, especially in the face of long cabling between the power supply and device under test (DUT). The droops and oscillations can cause a number of problems during test including causing the DUT to reset, not function properly, and cause the DUT or power supply to go into an error condition. When testing a DUT with fast current transients proper cabling and fixturing techniques must be employed as well as using a power supply with a fast output and sophisticated output regulation during test.

How the APS helps you overcome the challenge:

  • Fast transient response to ensure minimal voltage droop to sharp current transients
  • High and low output bandwidth settings for tuning the output to your load’s behavior

View Video on YouTube: Maintaining Output Integrity Under Dynamic Load Conditions