GoldenGate 2012.10 (4.7) includes the following new and improved capabilities:

  • Full support for X-parameters* – Including new X-parameters (XP) generation capability in addition to XP simulation support. X-parameters enable designers to capture the nonlinear behavior of active components in a standard format. X-parameters also hide intellectual property while enabling fast, accurate simulation within GoldenGate, Advanced Design System (ADS) or SystemVue.
  • New AC Stability (ACSTAB) Analysis – ACSTAB provides simplified setup, analysis and results processing for Bode stability analysis using the Middlebrook technique. This allows open-loop gain and phase characteristics of a circuit to be determined while the loop remains closed. No changes to the schematic are required for this new analysis.
  • Improved Links to System-Level Simulation – Including enhancements to the Fast Circuit Envelope (FCE) model export from GoldenGate to SystemVue and the ability to export and evaluate Application Extension Language (AEL) expressions during Virtual Testbench (VTB) evaluation with Ptolemy.
  • Usability Enhancements – Includes a broad range of enhancements throughout the product.
  • Licensing Improvements and Enhancements - More robust license behavior with improved licensing logic. Easier license experience with new License Manager and Product Selector.


Keysight’s GoldenGate 2012.10 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency for RFIC designers.

Note: GoldenGate 2012.10 is a base product release (4.7.0) that includes all 4.7.x versions of GoldenGate.


  • New XP analysis provides the ability to generate X-parameters
  • New ACSTAB analysis simplifies Middlebrook (Bode) stability analysis
  • Fast Yield Contributor (FYC) analysis now available within Small-signal Noise Analysis (SSNA) as well as swept AC Analysis (AC)
  • S-parameters (SP) analysis provides a new noise model for 2-port devices
  • SP analysis now supports configurable load impedances
  • Envelope Transient (ET) analysis provides enhanced dynamic range for Fast ET simulations
  • Loadpull now permits YF (complex admittance) load


  • adsLib Circulator component added
  • Improved roughness model for Microstrip, Stripline, Multilayer and Interconnects substrates from adsLib
  • SimKit version 3.8 support
  • Virtual ZF (complex impedance) and YF (complex admittance) loads added


  • Noise contribution tables available in new hierarchical format for Steady-state Carrier (CR), SSNA, AC and SP results
  • New support for hierarchical power probes
  • Back-annotation of Sweep task results now available
  • New SaveAll option for voltages and currents within transient (TR) analysis
  • New performance functions added for Duty Cycle in CR, Modulation Band Voltage and Current in ET, and Table Read/Interpret performances

Graphical User Interface

  • New support for hierarchical power probes
  • Sweep task now supports complex variable sweeps
  • GoldenGate Design Environment (GDE) permits multiple independent sessions from a single Cadence session
  • Switching of S-parameter and noisecor files across corners within a GDE corner simulation

System Level Links

  • FCE model improvements enhance the capability and accuracy of models created within GoldenGate for use with SystemVue
  • Added ability to export and evaluate AEL expressions in Ptolemy during VTB simulation

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* "X-parameters" is a trademark of Keysight Technologies, Inc. The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, refer to X-parameters Open Documentation, Trademark Usage and Partnerships.