X-parameters Open Documented Format and Equations

Keysight Technologies developed its X-parameters functionality to be an industry standard for nonlinear behavioral characterization and modeling. Keysight has published the equations underlying the theory behind the X-parameters functionality and the files are in an open, documented, non-encrypted, human readable format. All data generated from the legal use of Keysight products containing the X-parameter functionality is wholly owned by the customer. Keysight has taken these steps to enable broad industry adoption and to encourage others to join in the development of the technology. Several IEEE papers which discuss the technology and its application can be found by visiting IEEE Explore and searching for “X-parameters”. The open file format is documented and can be made available.

Because of the nature of the technology, it is possible for others to produce data in a file format that may appear to be similar to that used by Keysight's X-parameters functionality, but yet doesn’t accurately reflect the nonlinear behavior of the device. To this end, we have established formal relationships with industry partners and customers to ensure understanding and promote accurate commercial deployment.

Using The X-parameters Trademark

Keysight encourages industry partners, the academic** community and customers to write in industry publications and present at industry conferences about their use of Keysight's X-parameters* functionality and Keysight’s products that incorporate X-parameters functionality. Keysight’s permission is not required if articles or papers are authored based on factual use. Keysight does request that the first time the X-parameters trademark is used, that it is acknowledged with an asterisk (*) and the following footnote: * X-parameters is a registered trademark of Keysight Technologies.

Keysight does not grant permission to companies to claim or imply that they own, or sell similar products having functionality similar to Keysight’s X-parameters functionality or derivations thereof. Using the X-parameter trademark and brand in this way would require the written consent of Keysight Technologies.

If you have any questions, using the X-parameters trademark, please contact charles_plott@keysight.com.

Keysight’s X-parameters Industry Partnerships

Keysight and its partners use Keysight's X-parameters functionality to deliver superior nonlinear solutions through the combination of advanced technology, measurement solutions, and RF EDA design software for the measurement, generation and simulation of advanced designs and other applications.

Keysight welcomes additional industry partners. Benefits of direct collaboration with Keysight Technologies can include updates to the standard as it evolves, certification of the implementation, training, participation in joint activities hosted by Keysight, and general support. In some cases licensing of the X-parameters brand and technology is also possible. Given the rapidly developing state of the technology, as well as finite resources, Keysight currently can provide additional support only to key customers and strategic partners whose efforts are focused on improving the technology.

For more information on X-parameters, refer to https://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-x-parameters

* "X-parameters" is a registered trademark of Keysight Technologies. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented.

** The Advanced Design System (ADS) X-Parameter Generator is available to universities under PathWave Design Software University Educational Support Program.