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Many 5G designs for mmWave spectrum deployment use antenna-in-package (AiP) technology to reduce the size and cost of wireless systems and improve radio frequency (RF) performance. To properly test their AiP designs, engineers require a test solution with high output power, ultra-low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth, and dynamic range. These features improve measurement performance in over-the-air (OTA) test at mmWave frequencies for 5G and satellite applications.

A vector signal generator with high output power, for example, can be used with measurement application software to compensate for any system loss. A signal analyzer with high dynamic range and error vector magnitude (EVM) allows you to accurately analyze all 5G New Radio (NR) signal parameters and characterize your AiP design.

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Keysight mmWave Antenna-in-Package Test Solution

Keysight's solution for testing millimeter-wave AiP technology comprises signal generation and signal analysis hardware coupled with measurement application and signal generation software. This integrated testing environment is specifically designed to help you solve your most complex mmWave AiP over-the-air measurement challenges.

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