Perform 5G NR (New Radio) one-button downlink and uplink measurements defined by 3GPP standards.


  • Perform 5G NR (New Radio) transmitter one-button downlink and uplink measurements per 3GPP 5G NR standard Release 15 and Release 16
  • Support large frequency error lock range defined in 3GPP Release 17 NTN and NR-TM2b & 3.1b (1024QAM) defined in 3GPP Release 17
  • Support 3GPP Release 17 defined FR2-2 800/1600/2000 MHz channel bandwidth with new carrier spacing 480 kHz and 960 kHz
  • Support 3GPP Release 17 defined reduced capabilities (RedCap) devices
  • Support 3GPP Release 16 defined eDSS (Enhanced Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) and eMIMO (Enhanced MIMO)
  • Support DL NR-TM presets and ACP/SEM/PvT measurement presets based on performance test specification
  • Support downlink modulation analysis for SS Block (PSS+SSS+PBCH) PBCH-DMRS, PDSCH, PDSCH-DMRS, PDSCH-PTRS, PDCCH, PDCCH-DMRS, CSI-RS and decoding for PBCH, PDCCH, and PDSCH
  • Support uplink modulation analysis for SRS, PUSCH, PUSCH-DMRS, PUSCH-PTRS, PUCCH, PUCCH-DMRS, and PRACH and decoding for PUCCH and PUSCH
  • Spectrum and power measurements: channel power, SEM, ACP, OBW, spurious emissions, transmit On/Off power and CCDF
  • Modulation analysis measurements: I/Q measured constellation, EVM (rms, peak), frequency error, symbol clock error, I/Q offset, Error vector time, Error vector spectrum, In-band emission, Power vs. slot/symbol, EVM vs. RB, TAE and frame summary etc
  • Support both single-port measurement analysis and multiple component carrier (CC) sequential acquisition
  • Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • Support IQ data recording and recalling as RAW Data txt, Signal Studio csv or 89601B sdf file formats
  • Support the fast and easy configuration as saving or recalling component carrier setting *.scp, *.sgen, *.setx, *.nrcc., or *.pwsg to make the modulation analysis measurement
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • Keysight supports tiered X-app models with N-models for UXA/PXA/PXE, E-models for MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT. The higher tiered X-app models can run at the lower platforms, which means N-models can run on all platforms, and E-models can only run on MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT

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