Our History

Keysight's history is full of examples of how our entrepreneurial spirit and passion have led to industry firsts that helped our customers innovate in their quest to connect and secure the world.


We introduce the next-generation MXG vector signal generator and launch a real-time spectrum analysis solution, providing satellite network operators up to 2 GHz of bandwidth to monitor satellite signals.

Image of the next-generation Keysight MXG vector signal generator
Image of Keysight, Cliosoft, and ESI Group logos

We expand our electronic design automation software portfolio by acquiring Cliosoft's hardware design and intellectual property management tools and ESI Group's leading virtual prototyping solutions for automotive and aerospace.

We work with industry leaders to shape a more secure and connected future — joining the White House initiative to strengthen IoT security and 6G-SANDBOX, a pan-European testbed enabling vital 6G experimentation and validation.


Satish Dhanasekaran is named president and CEO of Keysight and lays out a bold vision for the company's future.

We set our sights on 6G and work with industry leaders to create a roadmap for the next generation of wireless.

We receive the first Spectrum Horizons license for 6G in sub-THz and join the Federal Communication Commission's Technological Advisory Council.

Image of the Keysight VXG vector signal generator


We introduce the four-channel VXG vector signal generator with frequencies up to 54 GHz and 5 GHz of radio frequency bandwidth, supporting 5G communications, 6G research, and radar applications.

We complete several acquisitions to strengthen our communications and automotive solutions, including the addition of Micram, Quamotion, Verisco, and Nordsys.

We collaborate with Nokia to demonstrate the first public 800GE test, validating the readiness of next-generation optics for service providers and network operators.

We introduce the first bit error ratio test solution for validating 1.6 terabits per second transmission.

Image of Keysight Radar Scene Emulator


We introduce the industry-first Radar Scene Emulator, offering automakers a breakthrough solution that brings the road to the lab to train automotive radar in autonomous vehicles.

We acquire SCALABLE, Sanjole, and Quantum Benchmark, bolstering our end-to-end 5G portfolio and expanding our suite of solutions across the entire quantum stack.

We strengthen our commitment to carbon neutrality by moving our goal for net zero emissions to 2040, 10 years ahead of the timeline set by the 2015 Paris Accords.

Image of clear skies over cityscape
Image of Infiniium UXR oscilloscopes


We become the market leader for oscilloscopes, according to market research from Frost & Sullivan.

We introduce the Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscope — the world's first 8-channel RTSA oscilloscope.



We continue to create customer value by acquiring Eggplant, a leader in intelligent automated test software.

We partner with MIT and acquire Labber Quantum to establish a new quantum computing lab, accelerating the commercialization of quantum technology.

Image of Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscope


We launch the Infiniium UXR-Series, a new class of ultra-performance oscilloscopes, the world’s most advanced, to accelerate the next generation of electronic research and design.

We continue our commitment to helping our customers innovate “next” by offering industry-first solutions to emerging technologies, launching collaborative projects to drive advancements in quantum technology, and joining the 6G flagship program.


We launch PathWave, an industry-first design and test software platform that accelerates workflows by connecting every step in the product development life cycle.

We introduce the industry’s first 5G New Radio (NR)-ready channel emulation solution and are first-to-market a 5G millimeter-wave channel sounding solution.

An image of laptop showing PathWave design and test software

We make several acquisitions to provide industry-leading coverage for 5G innovations.

Keysight joins the S&P 500 on November 6, making it the only electronic design and measurement company in this rank.

We launch the Keysight Leadership Model (KLM) to enable us to drive innovation, speed, and excellence in execution.

Image of Keysight leaders at New York Stock Exchange
Image of Keysight, Ixia, and ScienLab logos


We acquire Ixia, accelerating our expansion of software solutions and broadening our reach within the communications development life cycle across protocol layers 2 through 7.  

We acquire ScienLab, introducing new test solutions for high-power eMobility systems in the automotive and industrial sectors.


We announce the new X-Series signal analyzers with enhanced capabilities for developers creating next-generation devices and an industry-first, integrated 1GHz analysis bandwidth.

We open our Software Design Center in Atlanta, partnering with the Georgia Institute of Technology to leverage their research into high-performance computing and human-computer interaction to accelerate the design-test workflow.

Image of X-Series signal analyzers
Image of New York Stock Exchange


Keysight acquires Anite, expanding our addressable market in wireless research and development and network testing.



Keysight Technologies first appears on the New York Stock Exchange. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of our beginnings as HP’s electronic measurement business.



Agilent announces it will spin off its electronic measurement segment, returning that business to its original roots.


Outline of China


China becomes the first region outside the US to achieve $1 billion in orders for Agilent in a single year.



HP announces we are to be spun off as Agilent Technologies, consisting of HP’s former measurement, components, chemical analysis, and medical businesses.

Agilent is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its IPO is the largest in Silicon Valley history to date.


We introduce the first mixed signal oscilloscope.

Image of Keysight's first mixed signal oscilloscope
Image of the 8510 Vector Network Analyzer


We introduce the 8510 Vector Network Analyzer, the first computer-controlled test equipment of its kind.


We open our Representative Office in Beijing, making this the first time our products are formally available in the Chinese market.

Image of Barney Oliver at HP in 1066


We go East. We establish our first site in Southeast Asia in Penang, Malaysia.



HP Labs opens, creating HP’s first centralized organization focused on exploring new ideas. Barney Oliver is the founding director.


Our first spectrum analyzer, the 8551, becomes indispensable for RF and microwave workbenches. It soon becomes our first $1 million-a-month product, the first of many.

Image of Keysight's first spectrum analyzer
Image of a map of Geneva


We go global, establishing a marketing organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and a manufacturing plant in Boeblingen, Germany.



We go public! With the IPO held on November 6, this was partly to enable employees to share in the company's success, which is still the model used today.


We release our first oscilloscopes, which will go on to represent a significant part of our test and measurement product line.

Image of Bill Hewlett's 300A Harmonic Wave Analyzer
Image of HP employees working on signal generators in 1943


We enter the microwave field, setting the stage for future leadership in signal generators.


We introduce Bill Hewlett’s 300A Harmonic Wave Analyzer, the predecessor to our entire line of industry-leading spectrum analyzers.

Image of Bill Hewlett's 300A Harmonic Wave Analyzer


Bill and Dave issue $5 (US) Christmas bonuses, laying the foundation for the renowned HP Way — a philosophy still alive today in Keysight’s Leadership Model.

Image of 200A audio oscillator used for ground-breaking Fantasia in 1939


Disney Studios purchases eight modified 200A audio oscillators for use on the ground-breaking movie Fantasia.


Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard set up HP in a garage where they build the company’s first product, the 200A Audio Oscillator.

Image of the garage where HP was founded