• Frequency offset capability on PNA Series B model network analyzers
  • Indispensable capability for mixer and converter measurements on network analyzers

The S93080B frequency offset measurement enables the analyzer to set the frequency of the internal sources independently from where the receivers are tuned, and is required to configure an external source using external device configuration.

This capability is important for measuring amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. For frequency-translating devices like mixers or converters, frequency-offset capability is necessary for conversion loss/gain measurements (both amplitude and phase), since, by definition, the input and output frequency of the DUT are different.

For amplifier measurements, frequency offset capability is required to measure amplifier harmonics or when using the internal source as one of the stimuli of a third-order intercept (TOI) or IP3 measurement.

The functionality provided by S93080B is also included in S93029/082/083/086/087/090x/093/094B.

S93080B is equivalent to Option 080 on PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X Series A model network analyzers.

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